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You use clothes hangers every day and benefit from storing your clothing the right way. Interestingly, most people don’t pay much attention to the type of hangers they use in their closets. At Jiabaoli, we offer the best clothes hangers in all design varieties and materials to help you make the right choice based on your wardrobe. Explore the different options we have on offer and find out how to choose the best ones for your wardrobe.


Hangers come in a wide range of material choices and we offer hangers in bulk to meet different types of needs. Some of the popular hanger materials in our stock for your closet organizers are as follows:


Our wood hangers provide greater durability than other types of clothes hangers. Besides, they add elegance to your wardrobe. Choose from different varieties of wood to give a unique look to your closet space. The benefits of these types of hangers go beyond just aesthetics.

Some of the key benefits of our high quality wood hangers are as follows:

● They are usually wide and retain their shape
● There is no risk of sagging under the weight of clothing
● Wooden hangers can last much longer and do not sag
● They are balanced and protect your clothes from getting stretched

Based on the type of wood, such as cedar wood, these can be the best clothes hangers. They can repel pests, absorb moisture, and add years to your clothing.


Our plastic hangers are widely used to store basic clothing, pants, or skirts, and to save space as closet organizers. Besides being versatile, these wholesale hangers are valued for being more affordable. They are available in a wide range of sizes. You can select sizes ranging from small widths for babies or children’s clothing to larger ones. Besides, there are different color options to choose from.


Wire hangers are more popular in dry cleaning shops. They are inexpensive and can be used with different type of clothing. These thin straps hangers also find application in hotel room closets. We offer high quality wire hangers in bulk and they are made sturdily to retain their shape over time. Some of the main pros of using these space saving hangers are as follows:

● Affordable pricing
● Easy to find
● Versatile applications


Also known as padded hanger, you can find unique fabric hangers with fabric wrapping or those featuring canvas or other materials for padding. The layer of padding is added to protect the clothing from any form of damage.

Some of the pros of these wholesale hangers are as follows:

● Padded hangers provide aesthetic versatility in terms of fun prints
● You can also find hangers with features such as clips and covered hanging hooks
● Choose from different fabrics for padding options or wood or plastic hangers as underlying materials
● Wide range of colors and patterns to choose from


When it comes to hanging delicate clothing items, you should consider velvet hangers. If you are looking for a coat hanger or suit hanger, these can be the best clothes hangers for you. Make sure your clothing is dry before using these hangers. We offer them in a number of options. They can have clips, making it easier to hang pants or skirts. Velvet hangers with notches are perfect for hanging thing-strap tops and delicate dresses. Some of the pros include:

● Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your closet
● Perfect for delicate clothing
● Prevents slippery fabrics from sliding off

There are even more material options and features to choose from from our collection of wholesale hangers.


Besides the choice of material, you can also explore our collection of space saving hangers in terms of the clothing you want to use them for.


Pant hangers are perfect for storing jeans or cleanly pressed work pants. The design usually involves sliding the folded pants over a rounded or flat hanger surface. You can also find designs that allow hanging multiple pairs of pants in a vertical manner. This helps save space in your closet for keeping other items.

Our pants hangers are made of high quality materials and are sturdy enough to handle the weight without bending. Wood and metal make the ideal material options in this regard. Some of the key features and options are as follows:

● Choose from straight or zigzag shapes to slide the pants on
● Some designs have fabric covering to protect the pants from marks
● Choose designs with clips to secure the waistband of the pants to the hanger


The use of the right type of hanger is important to preserve your expensive suits. Our suit hangers are made of high quality and sturdy materials. They have the right shape to hold suits and have crease-free features. When it comes to choosing the best hangers for suits, it is important to consider the material, sturdiness, and shape.

We want you to know the following when exploring our collection of wooden suit hangers or other materials:

● There are different widths, wood varieties, and finishes to choose from
● Choose the right size that doesn’t misshapen or damage your suit
● There are special designs to support the padding in the suit’s shoulder area


When it comes to dress or shirt hangers, there are many options. However, we suggest choosing a structured hanger that has notches. Thin metal or plastic hangers are suited only for lightweight fabrics. Choose hangers with a notch for dresses featuring wide necks or thin shoulder straps. Fortunately, you can find many options for shirts and dresses in our collection, even for fragile fabrics.


Skirts need to be kept in shape and they require the perfect types of hangers. Some designs have clips to hang the skirt, while others allow adjustments to slide them. We offer different sizes and designs of skirt hangers so that you can hang skirts of any size without any issues.


When choosing the perfect hangers, you will have many more factors to consider than just the hanger material and type of clothing. We, at Jiabaoli, would want you to consider the following elements so that you will be making the right choice:

Clips: When your clothing is clipped onto the hangers, you will not have to worry about the item falling off. Hangers with clips are perfect for storing pants, linens, and scarves in the closet.

Swivel: Using hangers with swivel head means there is no need to put the hanger back in the right direction every time you take them out.

Cedar Wood: Consider using cedar wood hangers if you are concerned about doors or moisture in your closet. Cedar also repels insects.

Wide Shoulder: When it comes to suit coat hanger, it is recommended to choose the ones with wide shoulders. It will reduce or eliminate the risk of the piece slipping off.

Non-Slip Design: We offer non-slip hangers, in different styles, that ensure your clothing stays in place. Some feature non-slip surfaces in the right places to hold onto the clothing.

Strap Notches: Strappy items need special types of hangers. They feature a point where the strap from the clothing can fit.

Choosing the right hangers in bulk means treating your garments the right way. At Jiabaoli, we provide you with almost endless options in terms of the factors mentioned above so that every piece of clothing in your closet has a hanger for it. The perfect hangers will not only help save space, but also prolong your garments’ life and add to the closet’s elegance. For more information about our product line, call us at +86 15977448359 or send us a message using this Online Form.

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