How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(01)

How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(01)

I.Functionality and artistry are inseparable twins

In the era of brand marketing, stores are not just a simple place to sell. On the one hand, the function of the store is to sell goods, so that we can obtain commercial profits here, but at the same time, the store plays the role of transferring brand culture.

In the display planning of the store, function and art are like a pair of inseparable twins, they often go together. Therefore, we should consider both functionality and artistry when planning the display mode of the store. However, we should not overemphasize one side, because the store is not a warehouse, nor is it a pure show.

We should not only exclude non-conforming marketing rules, flashy display methods, but also avoid the pursuit of functional thinking. After all, in an age of flamboyant style, there is no reason to miss every step that can exude brand character and personality.

To really do a good job in a scientific store planning, we are required to be familiar with and understand the following relevant content before planning:

1. Know ergonomics well.
2. Rational analysis of clothing display size and display of the basic form.
3. Familiar with and understand terminal marketing rules.
4. Fully understand brand culture and style.

Only on the basis of such a full understanding, can we really begin to plan the display mode of the store.

Part 2 will be updated soon. Stay tuned.

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