How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(02)

How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(02)

Basic forms of display:

The basic form of store display is an important element of store planning. The display mode of the store is different according to the brand positioning and style. But the conventional display mainly has the following forms:

Human model display, front hanging display, side hanging display, stacked display and other four kinds of display.

1. Human model display:

It is to display clothes on the mannequin stage, also known as human modeling. Its advantage is to display the clothing in a state closer to that of the human body, and to fully display the details of the clothing. The position of the human model is usually placed in the shop window or in a conspicuous position in the shop. Usually, the sales of the single style of the human model clothing is higher than the sales of other forms of clothing. Therefore, in the shop, the clothes that are given by the human model are often the clothes that are recommended or can reflect the brand style.

Human modeling also has its disadvantages. One is that it occupies a large area, and the second is that it is very inconvenient to wear and take off clothes. When a customer likes the clothes on the model, but there is no such clothes on the display shelf in the store, it is very inconvenient for the salespeople to take clothes from the model.

The use of human model display should pay attention to a problem, that is, to properly control the proportion of human model display in the store. Human models are just like the leading actors and main actors on the stage. There are only a small number of leading actors and main actors in a scene. If there are too many of them, there will be no primary and secondary roles. If the main push clothing is really more, you can use in the human model on the way to take turns.

2. Side hanging display:

Side hanging display is a display form in which the clothes are hung on the horizontal rod of the display rack.

The characteristics of side hanging display are:

A. The shape of clothing is good conformal. As a RESULT OF SIDE HANGING DISPLAY CLOTHING IS HANGING WITH CLOTHES HANGER NATURE, therefore, this kind OF display is very suitable for a few high-grade clothing with higher requirements for garment flattening, such as suits, women’s clothes. And for some from the factory to the shop to use three-dimensional hanging clothes, because the clothes in the factory has been ironed, goods to the shop can be directly on the cabinet, can save labor.

B. Side hanging display in several display ways, with a relaxed analogy function, convenient for customers to choose at will. Consumers can easily take out several clothes at the same time in the display rack for comparison, so it is very suitable for some clothing brands with more styles.

Because the side hanging display is very convenient to take and put, in many brands for customers to try on the sample clothes are generally used in the side hanging display.

C. The density of side-hanging display clothing is relatively high, and the utilization rate of the store area is also relatively high.

Because of the advantages of side hanging display, side hanging display has become one of the most important ways of display, and is also the most widely used way of display in women’s wear.

The disadvantage of side-mounted display is that it cannot directly display the clothes. Only when the customer takes the clothes out of the display shelf can he see the whole face of the clothes. Therefore, when using side hanging display, it is generally combined with human model and front hanging display, and the shopping guide should also do a good job of guiding customers.

3. Front hanging display:

Front hanging display is a form of display in which clothes are displayed on the front.

The characteristics of front hanging display are:

A. It can be displayed with upper and lower clothes to emphasize the style and design selling points of the products and attract customers to buy them.

B. It makes up for the shortcomings that the side-hanging display can not fully display clothes, and the number of human model samples is limited by the site, and takes into account some advantages of the human-model display and side-hanging display, which is an important display way for clothing stores at present.

C. The front hanging display not only has some characteristics of human model display, but also several clothes can be hung on the hooks of some front hanging display shelves at the same time, which not only plays the role of display, but also has the role of storage. In addition, the hanging display is more convenient to pick up and put when customers need to try on clothes.

4. Piled up on display

Laminated display is a display form in which clothes are folded into a uniform shape and then stacked together.

Neat and uniform stacking can not only make full use of the space of the store, but also make the whole display look rich and three-dimensional, forming a visual impact, and make an interval for the display to increase visual interest.

The stacked display form is often used in casual wear, mainly because the display form of casual wear pursues a sense of quantity, especially for some popular brands with large sales volume, which need a certain amount of goods reserve. At the same time, they also pursue the maximum use of the store area, giving people a sense of quantity selling. Secondly, the fabric of casual clothing is also more suitable for stacked display. Of course, other clothing categories, there are also overlaps, but its display methods and objectives will be somewhat different.

Stacking display and finishing is more time-consuming, therefore, generally the same type of stacking needs to be hung in the form of sample, to meet the needs of customers.

All kinds of display methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Each brand must choose its own display style according to its own brand characteristics.

Part 3 will be updated soon. Stay tuned.

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