How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(03)

How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(03)

Combination mode of display:
1. Rationally plan the display form of the store.
Firstly, the combination of display should start from a rational perspective, centering on consumers’ shopping habits and the scale of human body:
For example, we usually hang the clothes that we recommend or are hanging on the top half of the container, because this part is in the golden field of view that customers are most likely to see, and it is also convenient to pick up and put. In order to consider the shopping habits of customers, in a set of containers, in addition to the clothes hanging up, there are usually some clothes hanging on the side for customers to try on. In addition, in order to meet the sales of the store, the folding area will be set aside as a clothing sales reserve.
When considering the combination of folding, hanging and side hanging, the positioning of the brand and the factors such as price should be applied flexibly, such as the clothing of low price, usually the number of each fold in folding is more. This is because the sales of low-priced clothing mainly depend on increasing the number of sales to achieve, and some high-priced clothing to this requirement less. Some high-priced clothing also has the form of stacked display, although it also has the function of goods reserve, but it is more to enrich the display form of the store, to create a mood and style.

All kinds of clothing brands should choose the right display mode according to their own brand product positioning and customers’ buying habits. All kinds of display methods are interspersed to make the store full of vitality.
The combination principle of various display ways:
1. Consider consumer shopping habits.
2. To facilitate the sales of the shopping guide.
3. Try to increase the opportunity to display clothing.
4. Prioritize the way you present your clothes.
5. Various display methods should be interspersed, so that simple display methods present various changes.
6. The planning of display should be from big to small. The planning of the whole store should be done first, then the whole facade should be considered, then a group of display stands should be considered, and then the arrangement of a single display stand should be considered. This not only has a good overall effect, the whole store also has a sense of rhythm, but also increases work efficiency.

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