How to buy coat hanger?

How to buy coat hanger?

First, see the material of the coat hanger, if the plastic coat hanger should be carefully looked at: if there is luster, the surface is round, the edges and corners have no burr, the flexibility is good (torsion 120 degrees is not broken), it is mostly made of disposable raw materials, such as rough surface, too hard, burr, the fracture is gray and white for waste production.
Second, see the strength of the hanger. Wet clothes weigh twice as much as dry clothes. The strength of the hanger is very important. The key is durability.
Third, to see whether the packaging printing is exquisite; Whether the trademark is registered; Whether the company name, address and telephone number are marked clearly and clearly.
Four, in the recent two years, the standard aluminum alloy coat hanger products are gradually more and more up, this coat hanger is a little more expensive, but the quality is good, no rust, no fracture, use for a longer time, but one thing is in the northern cities such as winter clothes, especially outside the balcony clothes will be ice hands (when not in use can be placed indoors).

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