How to buy the best Pants Hanger?

How to buy the best Pants Hanger?


Getting ready for work or school can be challenging enough, so finding creases in the pants you want to wear only adds to the morning’s chaos. When hung on hangers designed to keep them tidy, organized, and crease-free, pants—and skirts as well—have fewer wrinkles. To keep trousers and jeans ready to wear right off the hanger, consider some of today’s newest options. The best pants hanger depends on clothing type and the space in your closet.

While many of today’s fabrics are wrinkle-free right out of the dryer, they still can form creases if they aren’t meticulously hung or folded. Even the small clamps on designated skirt and pants hangers can dig into the fabric and leave unsightly crimp marks. When shopping for the best hangers, consider their construction and design.

Old-fashioned wire hangers can’t support a pair of pants without sagging in the middle; the slacks can slide into the sag and wrinkle. Additionally, some wire-type hangers are susceptible to rust, leaving permanent stains on expensive clothing. Instead, consider the following:

Steel: Polished stainless steel or aluminum hangers that don’t bend are suitable for hanging jeans and pants. Some come with a nonslip coating that allows the user to position the pants over the bottom rod, and the fabric stays put—it won’t slide off the hanger or the side.
Wood: Smooth wood hangers have a bottom rail that can hold a pair of pants and the hanger’s top can support a suit jacket or sweater. However, wood can be slippery, so look for a bottom rail with a thin, nonslip coating to keep clothing in place.
Plastic: Cheap plastic hangers sometimes sag and break under the weight of anything heavier than a light blouse. Some of today’s heavy-duty plastic hangers, however, are nearly as strong as wood, which means they can even hold a heavy coat.

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