How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(04)

How to display clothing store hanger? ———— hanger function and art combination(04)

2. Make the store artistic


After rationally planning the store, how to make the store become harmonious and rhythmic is a new task for the display division of the store. If each group of clothing in the hands of the fashion designer has a way of combination, then an excellent display designer can also like a conductor, can re-deduce the clothing.


A store is like a piece of music. If there is only one note and one rhythm, it will feel monotonous. Too many rhythms and notes can become chaotic if not well regulated. Therefore, a good store display division, like a conductor, can adjust the weight and rhythm of the sound of each musical instrument, so that the store becomes rich and colorful.


Women’s wear brands generally adopt side mounting, the way of display is relatively simple. Because this can make a few rhythm feeling on the design that displays in advance, if a few adornment ark is interspersed between hanging ark on the side, the ark that the mirror or fold installs. Or make display stand to leave some interval between, produce a sense of rhythm.


Of course, we can also make some changes to the clothes on the display shelf. For example, for a display rack with side hangings, some hanging clothes can be interspersed between a row of side hangings, and different colors can be used to make the clothes get some changes.

Store display division of the store display surface planning said a little more colloquial, a bit like our blackboard newspaper layout in school.


A blackboard newspaper, if there is only text on the layout, only one kind of layout format, and from the text to the title are all horizontal, readers will certainly feel dull.


A blackboard newspaper to attract readers, in addition to the article itself to be wonderful, the layout of the layout must be vivid. Therefore, sometimes to draw some illustrations, flowers. Also on some of the article arrangement changes, some of the article lined up longitudinal, some of the article lined up horizontal. Such a blackboard newspaper layout will appear lively, vivid.


When we deconstruct the layout of blackboard newspaper, we actually deconstruct the display layout of a group of display shelves. Although the blackboard arrangement and display are two different kinds of work, the artistic methods adopted are the same. Arranging blackboard newspaper and making display planning are applying the combination, interspersion and echo of point, line and surface. Only sell sell or stereo, display division should consider plane effect not only on arrangement and the effect that considers a space even.


This group of display surfaces in the legend is like a bulletin board, and the clothes hanging on the side are like a longitudinal article. The folding part is like the horizontal arrangement of the article, the clothes hanging is like an illustration, the whole layout because there are vertical and horizontal, line and surface interspersed, it appears very vivid.


IV. Manufacturing display of beauty in form


Clothing is a beautiful industry, the display planning in the store should also give people a sense of beauty. After fully considering the functionality and basic combination of display forms in stores, the next thing to consider is the beauty of form of display.


From the point of view of people’s aesthetic taste, people generally like two forms of formal beauty, one is orderly beauty. The other is unconventional beauty.


The former gives people a sense of peace, security and stability. The latter expresses a sense of individuality, excitement and liveliness.


Although the two kinds of formal beauty is seen in the stores, but on the whole from the point of people aesthetic habits, orderly aesthetic applied more widely in the store, because it is more in line with people’s appreciation habits, at the same time, in a garment colorful stores, we need more of is a sense of calm, orderly.


From the perspective of formal beauty of display in stores, the commonly used combination forms of display in stores at present mainly include symmetry, balance and repetition.


1. Symmetric method:


In a shopping mall, counterbalancing is to take a center as a point of symmetry, and use the same arrangement on both sides. The feeling that gives a person is sedate, harmonious feeling. This display form is characterized by strong stability. It gives a sense of regularity, order, stability, integrity and peace. Due to these characteristics of symmetry, it is widely used in shopping malls.


Symmetry is not only suitable for narrow display surfaces, but also for some large display surfaces. Of course, in the store too much use of symmetrical method, will also make people feel flat, no vitality. Therefore, on the one hand, symmetry can be combined with other display forms, on the other hand, we can also make some small changes in the display surface using symmetry to increase the change of the display surface.


2. Equilibrium method:


The balance method in the store breaks the symmetrical pattern, and restores a new balance by carefully placing the display mode and position of clothing and accessories. The balance method not only avoids the feeling of being too calm and quiet, but also recreates a sense of movement in order.


In addition, the balanced method in stores often adopts a combination of multiple display methods, and a balanced array of display surface is often a group of series of clothing. Therefore, the balanced method can not only meet the rationality of goods arrangement, but also bring some lively feeling to the display of the store.


3. Repetition method:


Repeat method: refers to clothing or ornaments in a group of display surface or a display case, using more than two kinds of display forms for many times alternating cyclic display techniques.


Multiple alternating cycles will produce rhythm, which reminds us of the clarity, high and low, strong and weak, harmony and beauty of the rhythm of music. Therefore, the repeated display in the store often gives people a pleasant sense of rhythm.

Sells all kinds of display mode is not isolated, but combined with each other and penetration, sometimes in a display surface will be composed of several kinds of ways, and store display mode is much more than that, in the perusal sells a variety of functions and fully understand the basic laws of art, we can walk freely between art and commerce, And we can continue to create more displays.

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