What is the Best Hangers for Every Clothing Type?

What is the Best Hangers for Every Clothing Type?Look at the following.

The Best Hangers for Every Clothing Type.

From sweaters and blouses to t-shirts and jeans, find out which hangers you should use for all of your wardrobe essentials.

How you hang your clothes in your closet matters—not only for aesthetics, but also for preserving the integrity of your garments. That’s why a professional organizing consultant, says using the correct type of hanger for each respective item is important. “I’ve seen poorly hung clothing get damaged either from being snagged or tangled in other clothes or become trampled or lost after falling off of their hangers,” “Taking the time to hang an item on a hanger that is large and sturdy enough, or has the design features necessary to hold it long-term, is key.”

Before you make a large investment and replace all of the hangers in your closet, we suggests taking a few different types for a test run. ”All hangers (especially velvet ones) are not created equal,” we recommends purchasing a few different brands or mediums “to determine if they can handle the weight and type of clothes you have.” To eliminate the guesswork, we recommend a hanger style for each the major garment groups. Discover our comprehensive guide, ahead.

Top Picks

Best Hangers for Jeans and Pants:  Non Slip PVC Coating Moon Shape Metal Hanger
Best Hangers for Tank Tops: Pottery Barn Non-Slip Velvet Hangers
Best Hangers for Blouses and Button-Downs: Home Basics Plastic Clothing Hanger in Black
Best Hangers for Sweaters and T-Shirts: Metal wood Clothes Hangers

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Post time: Jul-12-2022