What to look for when choosing a hanger? come over and let me tell you

What to look for when choosing a hanger? come over and let me tell you

The hangers should fit users’ closet capacity and hold the type of clothing they wear most often. Not everyone has a large closet, so some people add a lower bar in one area for shirts on the top and pants or skirts on the bottom bar. A closet still needs a full-length hanging space for longer apparel, such as dresses and long coats. If only one hanging spot is available, the following hanger designs can help maximize storage space.

Hangers vary in design, and getting the right style involves analyzing clothing storage needs.

3.Size: Standard hangers average about 17 inches in width, although children’s apparel hangers and specialty hangers designed solely for pants or skirts average 8 to 14 inches wide.
4.Tubular: Most substantial plastic hangers are tubular in design, which means they feature solid plastic tubes as thick as ⅜ inch in diameter. These simple hangers can hold lightweight apparel and are handy for hanging hand-washed items to dry in the absence of a clothes-drying rack.
5.Padded: Sweater and blouse hangers often feature a single padded bar rather than a triangle, and the pads on the bar are usually soft and covered with fabric such as satin that won’t snag on open weave. Use these to hang delicate shirts and sweaters.
6.Clip: This type of hanger holds either pants or skirts, suspending them from strong clasps that attach to a waistband—or, in the case of dress pants, to the bottom hems of the pants. Clip-type hangers keep pants from creasing in the middle, but for the best results, choose hangers with padded clips to prevent crimp marks on the fabric.
7.Clamp: Clamp-type hangers, which work for pants or skirts, feature two smooth flat pieces of wood or plastic that open to clasp a waistband to hold the garment securely in place.
8.Space saver: For those consumers who have more clothing than available space in the closet, cascading pants hangers feature multiple horizontal bars for hanging three or more pairs on the same hanger.

Our Top Picks
To qualify as a top pick, a hanger must be beefy enough not to sag under the weight of the clothing item, and it must be smooth to keep from snagging the fabric. The best pants hanger for any specific closet depends on the closet’s available space, the number of items the closet can hold, and the clothing type. While these hangers are well suited to various clothes-hanging needs, all help keep clothing organized and wrinkle-free.

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