How to maintain the wooden hanger?

How to maintain the wooden hanger, do you understand?


Lumber is a kind of biological organism, it is the green natural product with the widest contact of people, the lumber that makes wood coat hanger has a lot of, if ju wood, lotus wood, rubber wood, ash, black walnut, pine, miscellaneous wood. If not handled properly, wood hanger will appear decay, cracking, deformation, dirt and other phenomena.

So how to preserve it well?

1. Wooden hangers are easy to dry and crack in dry climates, and the painted hangers are easy to fall ash, which is a common phenomenon. This can be avoided. Wooden hangers need to avoid places where they can be exposed to the sun. They should be placed in a ventilated, dry and humid environment, not maintained in the sun or rainy days.

2. paint on the coat hanger dust can be used soft cloth along the grain of wood, coat hanger dust, dust before, should be on the soft cloth with some spray cleaning agent (Bilizhu), do not wipe with dry cloth, so as not to wipe flowers. Generally speaking, the maintenance products such as green beads is a good choice for the maintenance of such wood products. Bi Lizhu can make its surface to form a protective film, waterproof gas, dust, scratch. Give wood deep moist protection, make wood bright and full, delay them because of sunshine or ultraviolet light gradually fade, dry crack, shell and aging phenomenon. And easy to use, a spray a wipe, dust, glazing, protection completed at a time.

3. wood hanger processing is too dry, it is easy to crack, cracking condition. If it is found that there has been a local crack or crack, you can use small tools to squeeze the maintenance product into the crack, to avoid its continued expansion. After wooden clothes hanger is used for a long time, the surface can have the case of crack, so daily cleanness maintains the job but cannot too lazy.

4. we need to constantly keep the hanger clean, do not let life dirt attached to the surface of the wood for a long time, resulting in the formation of dirt, will not be able to remove.

5. hanger deformation, mainly because of wood water content too much, too high temperature, or hanging clothes beyond the weight of the hanger. In the process of maintenance should pay attention to the wardrobe ventilation and dry humidity, according to the weight of clothing to choose the appropriate hanger.

6. when there is liquid on the surface of the hanger, it should be wiped clean immediately and kept dry. It is recommended to do maintenance work every 2 months.

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Post time: May-18-2022