One-stop solutions

Jiabaoli offers a complete one-stop set of intelligent solutions providing retailers and brand owners with real-time inventory visibility of their global supply chains.

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Custom solutions

Hangers & Accessories

We design our garment hangers to give clothes the presentation and protection they deserve. We offer thousands of stock display hangers, accessories and custom solutions in a cost effective manner.

Custom solutions

Flexible Packaging

Jiabaoli is unique in having a global production network for flexible packaging, set up to serve the needs of the retail apparel industry.

Custom solutions

Structural Packaging

Jiaobaoli presents a wide range of premium products that represent a great branding opportunity. Our packaging leverages our heritage in innovation, design and manufacturing expertise.

Custom solutions

Labels & Tags

Designed to catch consumers' attention in a busy store, labels and tags are more than just functional. they have the power to make products stand out from the competition.